GSoC 2019: Community Bonding

Vishnunarayan K. I.
May 27 · 1 min read

I got selected for Google Summer of Code 2019 under SunPy.

This is the second time I’m doing GSoC. My first time was with SunPy too. So, I know my mentors very well and I’m excited to code my summer away.

SunPy makes use of files present on web servers (these are called remote data internally). As of now, there is no central method of managing these files. This year my project is to implement a remote data manager, which will manage these files by caching the downloads and checking with a hash.

I have implemented a skeleton for the data manager for reviewing the API. You can see it here. To see an overview of the proposed API you visit my proposal on the wiki.

Lately I’ve been interested in software design patterns. I’ve been reading Design Patterns by Erich Gamma and Head First Design Patterns (only because they were in my college library).

I started reading them just for the fun of reading new stuff. But I realized the importance only after trying to write a proposal for this project. A very testable and modular implementation appeared in front of eyes without a lot of thinking.

I’m not saying my implementation is going to prefect, but it will be a lot better than what I would’ve written six months ago.

In other news, I changed my editor from (neo)vim to (spac)emacs and I changed my linux wm from i3 to awesome. It’s been nice. Good-bye.