GSoC — The Start

The first two weeks of official coding period of GSoC are over.

You can view my PR here:

The coding is going as per the schedule. The first three weeks of the coding was dedicated to implementing the data manager and it’s functions.

I have completed the data manager and the associated tests and documentation now.

The work left on data manager is:

  • Make a concrete downloader class using parfive: Right now data manager is coded against an abstract downloader class. This should be converted to a concrete implementation.
  • Make a concrete storage class using sqlite: Just like above a concrete implementation has to be done. In the proposal this is due last week of the phase 1.

In my proposal, I had dedicated a week for documentation and tests in phase-2. But I realized this is mistake and is now documenting and testing the code as I code along.

A new cache manager is also developed as a part of data manager. The tests for this remain.