Winds of Reality — My Daily commuting experiences. P2

Bangalore was famous for its constant weather throughout the year. There was freshness as you stepped out and you knew straightaway, even the rain couldn’t stop you from coming back inside. Now Bengaluru, it rains when your immune system is acting cranky, it shines when you think its a good time to try out that huge sweater you stole from the mannequin. It has taught us that no weather sensor, or anemometer can detect when the sun will shine in the evening.

I was riding back home, the feeling of happiness that your day has ended well left me devoid of my sense of touch, as it started raining. Carrying a raincoat as you know the weather is PMS-ing. I prefer to ride while listening to my rock n roll songs, rocking and rolling in my bike. As the bike was rocking, i saw a man rolling his bike. I observed he didn’t have a flat tyre. He was out of fuel. Calculating the distance he has to push till the next petrol bunk (I’m an Engineer), he had to push about a km or so on foot, as the rain kept falling harder and harder. A hundred thousand thoughts rushed inside my head (Not an Engineer now), thinking what to do. I stopped rocking my bike several hundred metres from him and decided to ask whats wrong. As he came closer, his black raincoat reflecting the lights from the cars, i could see the face a man who can push it all the way. So i started riding back home.

LOL. No, i asked him whats wrong and he said “Petrol khali ho gaya hai”. I am like “Thike bhaiya, mein dhakka marta hu aap baith jao”. He couldn’t process my words as i told him I’ll push his vehicle. His face showed many emotions at once, Tiredness, Surprised, Fear and Relieved. As he sat on the bike, i towed his bike till the next petrol bunk. And this towing is not like the one we imagine when we say tow, with a truck and a rope rolling all the way. This is the Indian style Leg Tow for Two wheelers and Three wheelers. You sit on the edge of your seat and place your left leg on the silencer of the other bike and accelerate. It will take some getting used to, as it not comfortable the first time.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” — Charles Dickens

We rocked to the petrol bunk. The rain continued to fall, as i saw the man pull his bike in the line behind the other men waiting at the petrol bunk. He Thanked me, and i returned it with a no probs, i am glad i could do something to help. A wave of relief passed through me, as i recollected my days of pushing my bike to the petrol bunk. It was soo much work. Phew!

Thank you for reading :)

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