Mind my language — Day 0.1

my journey to code an iOS app

6th Jun 2015

I have been having a couple of ideas for apps for some time now and the only reason you haven’t seen them in the app store is because i have been a bit lazy, and i don’t know how to code an iOS app. I know what you are thinking. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to code. Just find a developer. So that’s what i have been trying to do with not too much success.

In the meantime, thought it will be good to start to learn how to program an iOS app.

The first thing i did was to search on you tube and found an interesting series of instructional videos on iOS development.

In the series learnt about things such as Model View Controllers which separates the code and the user interface. So think i watched about 10 of the videos into the series.

Then did a google search and found a website https://teamtreehouse.com

In this site you pay a monthly subscription and there’s videos on several subjects including swift and iOS. They had a free 14 day trial so thought will give it a go.

Based on the post sign up quiz, was recommended to join the Swift Basics course which has the following description.

“Swift is a new programming language created by Apple to program iOS apps. If you are new to programming or to Swift then this course is for you. Learn about programming concepts like: variables, types, collections and control structures. Towards the end of the course we will learn to program a FizzBuzz generator applying everything we have learned in the course.”

The site does use gamification to encourage me! So I humble note that I have 5 achievements today from the below sections.

Variables and Constants ; Types ; Operators ;

Got 2 more to complete which are Collections ; and Control Flow described below in their website.

Collections : A collection contains multiple values. In Swift there are two types of collections: Arrays and Dictionaries. An array stores an ordered list of values, whereas a dictionary stores an unordered list of values that are accessed using keys.

Control Flow: In computer programming the order in which lines of code are evaluated can be altered by control flow statements. These statements can be conditional, whether or not code should be executed. They can also be loops, which determine how many times code should be executed

So look so far, i have been impressed by this website ; between videos they also have area where you have to enter code to get through the level. Bit like www.codeacademy.com. However, don’t think codeacademy has the instructional videos by the teachers which I find useful. The disadvantage with Treehouse is that it costs around $25 per month whereas codeacademy is free.

It does seem like a slow process in learning programming for iOS and i am not the most patient person in the world so let’s see how it goes. If I don’t learn, it’s definitely not due to the lack of good quality resources out there, both free and paid.

PrintLn prints one line

let defines a constant

var defines a variable

\n new line

\t tabbed line

Double = 15 decimal places

Float = 7 decimal places

‘++increment unary operator

‘- -decrement unary operator

‘- negative operator

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