Weekly meal prep.

3 Ways to Eat Well

You go to school, you eat out. You go to work, you eat out. You come back home, no food in the fridge, you’re tired, you eat out.

It’s a fast paced life we lead in this new generation and the food that we consume is getting compromised to make up for that lack of Zen. Our food industry is now an on-demand industry. So the way we think about food is in an on-demand style because that’s mostly all we know. Now I’m not saying that every single person has this problem, but MOST of us do. More and more companies are coming out as food delivery services. What do they do? They just deliver you more fast food. Basically, most of the innovation in the foodservice industry is around making fast food more accessible. Not very innovative if you ask me. But what should you do about it?

Start with You.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Cooking is a dying art. Less and less people seem to at least “know” how to cook, let alone actually do it. We live in the most connected age in human history. You can learn whatever you want on Youtube and all the other sites on the web. You can search about all the healthy ingredients that you need and the recipes that go well with them. Nothing is out of reach. You’ve probably seen the Tasty videos from BuzzFeed for prep-ing your weekly meals. Just 1–2 hours of your Sunday night, and your food will be ready for you all week at the helm of a beckon.

Meal Kits.

I understand, grocery shopping and cooking is not an option for everyone. So here’s to meal kits. Companies such as Blue Apron made this a trend. Forget the grocery shopping and they’ll send you your meals packaged as their exact portioned ingredients. You’ll have a manual for each package to guide you through your cooking. In 30 min — 1hr, you’ll have your meal ready. It’s a new thing and a lot of people like it, it could also be your thing!

Personal Catering.

Crealunch meals by Valentin & Najib on Yuma. (Montréal)

This is the domain that we at Yuma believe in. Going back to when societies were sectored into mini villages and tribes, you had different people taking on different tasks. The hunters, the blacksmiths, the… the… the… and the cooks. At feeding time, people would line up and the cook will fill each person’s bowl with food. Till this day, we can see that cooking isn’t for everyone and it has never been for everyone. But the people who do cook, they love it. And some of them want to pursue it as a career. At Yuma, we’re building a network of chefs to cater to you. You can preorder your weekly meals and get them for the day and time you prefer, store them, and eat whenever you want. These are chefs that innovate on their craft, bringing you homestyle dishes stemming from their own experiences, cultures, lifestyles and creativity. We’ve started in Montréal and we’re coming to your city soon. Learn how it works.

These are three great options you can go with. But the one thing I hope you get out of this is good food takes time to prepare. So let’s get out of the on-demand mentality because it’s definitely not serving us well with what we eat.

Bon Appétit!

— Adam

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