From Product to Experience.

When you wake up in the morning and you ask yourself, what am I going to experience today? The world then presents you with the same list of options as always. The phrasing of the question is leaving it up to life to bring you experience. The better question is, what do I want to experience today?

The power is in your hands to draw the future. Follow dictation and end up some place an external force sets for you. Follow intuition and end up in a sea of possibilities.

We’ve found that flexibility gives rise to possibility. And so building Yuma came to be building the next experience. It’s not just an app, it’s a portal. A portal to a new world that’s yours. Play around with it, tinker, contribute, and benefit. To elaborate further, let’s go through the different events in a Yuma experience.



We browse content extensively through our day and we’ve become accustomed to the types of content we view. On Yuma, you’re browsing new content. Menus are the new content. They’re branded and designed by the best chefs in your area, and their visualization is mouthwatering. A simple up and down scrolling motion shows you the different menus around you. Once you’re interested in one, a click on it will branch you off.



The beauty of Yuma lies within it’s organizational structure. A large variety of menus provides an even larger variety of food. Each menu dives into more possibilities of different taste, culture, passion, love, and experience. You might find it hard to choose between so many delicious options, but at least the options are sufficient to make your experience limitless.



A click to verify your order takes you to an interactive receipt. First and foremost is the receipt’s calendar. It shows you the days and time ranges the chefs are available for delivery or pickup. It’s automatically set on the day of the nearest availability, all you have to do is pick the time that suits you best. Or choose another day altogether along with your preferred time. Then you can verify your list of items and edit your cart as you like. Leave a note about any specifications for the chef and place your order.


You can call the chef and vice versa in order to update each other about any changes. When the day of your order arrives, you’ll receive your food at your preferred time. If it’s pickup, then you’ll have to pick it up from the location that is presented to you in your “Order Detail” page. If it’s delivery, your order will be delivered to your delivery address at the time you specified. We encourage you to be patient with your delivery as there are usually other deliveries to be made. Your preferred time gives the chefs a better overview of how to organize their delivery routes.


With your order in hand, you can store the food accordingly in the fridge or wherever is suitable for the type of food you ordered. Now, you’ll find your days pass swiftly. Take your food to work or school as it comes in portable containers. Come back home to a fridge full of delicious meals for dinner. The meals are microwavable or you can heat them the way you like (e.g. in a pan).

It’s easy to tell when you’re about to finish the last of your meals. So you can preorder your next round to stock up again before you find yourself scouring your kitchen for food.

The experience is designed to be swift that it becomes innate at first touch. Bon Appétit.

— Adam