Apraemio: Geology Update

4 min readFeb 9, 2024

In an era where innovation meets tradition, Apraemio embarks on a pioneering journey to redefine the cryptocurrency market by introducing a groundbreaking gold-backed digital currency.

Apraemio is an Arteus Capital Group partner company established in Mali with a Hungarian-Austrian ownership background and Green Gold System Europe SARL (“GGS”). These two companies have over 15 years of experience in the international gold investment market and gold mining industry.

The revolutionary uniqueness of Apraemio lies in the fact that a significant part of the gold discovered and unearthed by the partner company, GGS, is the actual physical collateral behind the token. The project’s credibility is confirmed by the current geological reports of the Malian mining company, which are prepared by international standards and detail the current stages of exploration.

This visionary project is anchored by a 50-ton gold reserve meticulously uncovered in Apraemio’s partner company, GGS’s alluvial mine in Mali, slated for operation commencement within a year. This initial venture is a fraction of a more extensive exploration across a sprawling 65 square km territory, projected to house an astounding 100+ tons of gold. The findings from GGS’s 2023 annual mining report illuminate the exceptional gold concentrations within this region, ranging between 2 and 4 grams per ton, significantly surpassing the local mining cut-off grade of 0.5 grams per ton. These revelations underscore the immense potential and profitability of GGS’s mining operations and lay a solid foundation for launching a cryptocurrency with natural asset backing, promising a stable and lucrative investment avenue in the ever-volatile digital currency landscape.

The results of the GGS 2023 Annual Geological Report confirm the exceptional gold enrichment of the region, which is considered exceptional on a global scale, ranging from 2–4 grams/tonne. It is exciting and vital to note that alluvial mines are economically viable at as low as 0.5 grams per tonne. This explored area is well above the local mining ROI limit (0.5 grams per tonne). The much higher GGS values illustrate the vast potential and profitability of the project. They also clearly lay a solid foundation for Apraemio to launch an actual asset-backed cryptocurrency (ART or RWA), which promises to be a stable and profitable investment opportunity in a world of constantly fluctuating digital currencies.

From the GGS 2023 report mentioned above, we highlight the following exciting figures for those readers who are not far from the world of geology:

Outline of the KOMASSALA SUD perimeter on the extract from the Bougouni 1:200,000 topographical map.

Apraemio’s strategic advancements are further underscored by secured listings on two centralised exchanges, with a promising presale price of $0.45, leading to an anticipated exchange listing price of $0.75. This venture marks a significant milestone for Apraemio. It sets a new standard for integrating tangible assets with digital currencies, offering a stable and reliable investment option in the volatile crypto market.

3D view of the Alluvial sampling points and drill holes in the GGS exploration area

“In the evolving landscape of digital finance, integrating tangible assets like gold into cryptocurrency offers both a bridge between traditional and digital economies and a stable foundation for investors. Our venture into gold-backed cryptocurrency is a testament to our commitment to innovation, stability and growth of wealth in the investment world,” stated Dr Zoltán Varga, Owner and Managing Director of Arteus Capital.

Gramm/ton results on some of the test areas from the territory of the first opened alluvial mine.

Creating a gold-backed cryptocurrency by Apraemio represents a novel approach in the digital currency space, offering investors a stable and tangible asset-backed investment option amidst the volatile cryptocurrency market. This innovative venture highlights Apraemio’s commitment to leveraging natural resources for digital financial products and sets a new standard for integrating traditional mining assets with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Gold particle. Stereomicroscopic image of GGS-HO-44–001 sample, Grain fraction between 500µm-212 µm

Apraemio’s venture into gold-backed cryptocurrency, rooted in tokenising real-world assets, is poised for stable value growth. This innovative approach enhances investor confidence and pioneers the seamless integration of tangible asset values with the digital currency landscape, promising a new era of secure and growth-oriented investment opportunities in the digital realm.




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