Amazing lack of Clarity, Unhappiness, and Arrogance travel together in (some)Business.

We meet clients and surely we all do. Think for a while. Do a little bit of tricky brain crunch. List a set of arrogant clients you met ever in your tenure of career. Evaluate how many of those clients close the door before allowing you asking further questions and or seeking clarifications post to a brief session. You will encounter a naturalism. When there is arrogance, there is less clarity. Arrogance comes with two majors. Power and Money.
Some of the most arrogant clients show off both in their articulation before you. Most of them rather.

If arrogance is the cause, lack of clarity of work is a natural outcome. Arrogance in a meeting gets manifested in multiple ways. Mimicking, taunting, making you sick, fearful -all pre-medieval techniques of intimidation primarily, been done intentionally so as to make you unsure about your positioning before the decision maker. Yes, it works, even today.

Surprisingly they are not practiced in one to one situations. They are practiced when a sizeable population is present to view the misery of affected. Needless to say a population which will add numbers in favor of power.

Being a hardcore sales (and outgoing type) professional, I sincerely try to understand what makes some clients misbehaving with a vendor!The fundamental relationship existing between a client and vendor is simple. Vendors deliver and clients pay. Vendors do not deliver unless clients tell them what to deliver.Clients get ample opportunity to express what they want.

Advertising and Marketing like many other services house over pampered clients. An agency needs to present their credentials, points of views about the project in question (that needs considerable investment in time and money) delve around some relevant work much before clients make up their mind. That is a practice.Even today.All of us who are in this “agency” business know it very well that clients will go through an offer(get more and more educated), compare with competitors(better bargaining power) and take a call(complex process). It takes less than a kids brain to understand the cycle. Once a job is awarded, vendors deliver as per clients requirement with an umpteen opportunity for both the parties for possible course correction during various stages of the journey.

Still you find some arrogant clients once the work starts and mid way. Why are they so unhappy even after being so “powerful”? Any clues?

Sad, there is so much of terrible unhappiness in many corners!

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