Free Advice seekers :- Use Google Grow up!

Free advice/suggestion/discussion seekers (in context of business)are idle, incompetent and in many cases turn out to be ungrateful. At least in my life. Have you ever seen any #Business built on free advice? And note, it always knocks in disguise of discussion/ collaboration/ meeting/ seeking clarification and what not!

It took a while for us/yours truly, to understand that many of the queries directed to us are not really queries. They are a part of “getting educated” process at the cost of our/my time, effort,judgment and ability. Its quite bitter at the end of it, when I have realized that I am just being used. Its really frustrating! Most importantly, they never upfront request for “free” advice. It always comes in disguise! If its upfront, life is simple!I have choice to make -“to be “ or otherwise!

When I have realized the same, I felt bad, bitter, down. However, I started analyzing -what are the key improvements needed so that I can overcome the trap of providing free advice and or ,identify difference between a genuine question and a question in disguise.

And trust me, you can map it up. Life is simpler once you identify those trap invoking traits,map it and create flagging systems within yourself!Difficult, but Possible!

And take it from me, genuine prospects/customers never ever- ask for free advice in disguise. They state their problem definitions very clearly.Head on! They can ask millions of queries to check your ability, in many cases broad framework for addressing the problem at hand( and they have a right to do so), but they will never request you to divulge “how to”! There is a difference. If you are getting what I am saying, you are getting!

After all for paid customers, its worthwhile to run additional miles. For unprivileged, its worthwhile to cross the sea! (if we chose to do that!). For a “cause” its worthwhile to provide free suggestions for Life!

Not worth for people with high speed internet connection, and possessing smartphone! They can always “Google” and grow up!

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