The Unbeatable power of “Simplicity” in Marketing Communication.

Be simple. Simplicity in communication is “the” best way to beat everyone. Things are not really that complex. Think for a while before responding to a client. Most of them (specially the biggies) are busy painting a very complex ecosystem all the time. Take a deep breath. Practice to offer your services in one simple line (for your intended target audience).One simple sentence of 5 words is enough. (no big picture, no game of trying (to)make a mouse looking like an elephant). Trust me, more than enough. Your clients can buy maximum 3 points. e.g we do so, so and so! Period. Your business will be run with/by those three points.
The most successful business (not business processes) are coming out of simple ideas, based out of rationale which are transactional by nature. You buy we sell. We sell you buy. The more you impose conditions, it becomes complex. Do you ever read “terms” and “conditions” before a “free” sign up? You click the tick. Period!

P.S. Didn’t you come across crowded slides in a power-packed conference? (and someone with superhuman effort trying to negotiate with the same to make sense out of it to/for you) :)

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