APR’s UK Office: Why We Jumped the Pond

If you told me when we started AP Recovery over 20 years ago that we would one day open an office in the UK, I would have thought you were crazy. But it just so happens you wouldn’t be crazy because that’s just what we did.

When we started all this, back when Excel could only hold 16,000 rows, we really didn’t have any grand plan. What we did have was a client that had a need. Although we weren’t exactly sure how to meet that need, we knew we could do it.

The year was 1994. We had business and technical degrees and a lot of energy, fueled by a sincere desire to help our clients get what they needed. Best of all we had a technical approach which proved to be the right approach.

But a real strategy? A global plan? No. Not even close.

It had a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. APR was founded and we went to work.

The following year we released APAS/Data match. A few years later, it was Knowledge Exchange (KE). Today, APR has a reputation as the undisputed leader in off-site recovery audits and prevention technologies for disbursement management. If that last sentence sounds like marketing, that’s because it is; I copied it right off our website!

All jokes aside, we never knew back then into what we would grow. We quickly went from a couple of guys working in Excel to a team of 15 guys we knew well, to over 70 employees today.

And now we expanded into the European market.

This move has been a long time coming and we are excited! In an effort to support the growth opportunities in Europe we first managed our European clients from our home office in the US. We discovered the different time zones and cultures — and even the differences in jargon for our industry — were creating extra difficulties for our clients.

Our success over the last 20 years has its foundation in putting our clients first, finding out what solution they need and then delivering on that need. To continue that customer-focused growth strategy, we knew needed a talented team in the UK.

And it’s a great investment for our company, as our clients tend to have global operations. Running those audits in the past from the U.S. worked to a point, but the time had come for our European expansion.

I’m happy to report that our UK team servicing international AP operations is already a great success for us. While it’s the same company, it’s covering new ground more thoroughly.

When I think back to the time when we started all this, when we were just trying to solve a problem for a client, I’m proud when I realize how far we’ve come. I would never have dreamed that the solutions started back then in those discussions could grow into what we are today. We jumped the pond to make more recoveries for our clients — and we learned that much good can come from making the leap.

Originally published at www.aprecovery.com on July 29, 2015.

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