What a Bulldog and an Auditor Have in Common

Alan Srader is the Director of Audit Development and Corporate Training for AP Recovery.

When most people hear auditor, they usually cringe a little, whether they show it or not. Auditors have a “reputation.” However, I would argue that auditors have earned their reputation with a dogged pursuit of listening to what a person is saying and discerning if it’s logical. In my opinion, this is a good thing. This skill and determination make an auditor, in many ways, like a bulldog.

So how is that, you might be thinking? Well, consider this:

  • According to the American Kennel Club, the Bulldog is “Equable, resolute and dignified.”
  • The bulldog is “very intelligent and tends to do his own thinking.”
  • They have a “well-earned reputation for stubbornness.”

Now, obviously auditors aren’t dogs — and you certainly can’t put them in a crate! However, they share the same qualities as a bulldog in that they are unflappable and tend to think for themselves. But maybe most importantly, they maintain a stubborn path to get to the root of a problem. That type of focus is what makes a good auditor.

Auditors know that if a conclusion doesn’t seem to fit the facts, they need to keep asking questions to get to the answer. Good auditors also know that in most cases, people don’t have the answer or want to give a quick (or easy) answer. These same great auditors also know they have to go deeper than that.

At AP Recovery, we know this type of focus yields results. Since our founding over 20 years ago, we know that delivering a thorough audit is how we can best serve our clients. That means we need to identify the cause of the problem, no matter how buried in the details it lies.

We dig for it. And if we don’t get the information we need, we dig some more.

We know that if we dig deep enough, we will uncover the root. This knowledge is the bone we need to motivate us. Our treat is discovering it, as well as gaining the ability to prevent the same problem in the future.

We have built our business using this bulldog approach to Accounts Payable Audit Recovery. We are proud to be industry leaders in disbursement management solutions, contract compliance, and utility and energy audits. We take pride in identifying overpayments. We love locating unclaimed property assets in any of the 53 jurisdictions where they could be held (both coming and going, but more on that later…). We can also sniff out telecommunications savings for your organization, by assessing and comparing providers to get you the best deal available that meets your specific needs.

Auditors have a “reputation”, yes. But in my mind it’s not a bad one. I am proud to lead one of the finest teams of auditors in business today. My colleagues nicknamed me a bulldog a long time ago. I take it as a compliment. After all, according to the AKC, they are one of the most popular breeds.

Alan Srader is the Director of Audit Development and Corporate Training for AP Recovery, the undisputed leader in off-site recovery audits and prevention technologies for disbursement management. With thirty years of experience in Accounts Payable, Alan knows what makes audits work — and what makes them fall apart. Alan approaches his clients with a desire to help and a passion for solving the Account Payable overpayments and recovery of assets puzzle.

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Originally published at www.aprecovery.com on July 29, 2015.

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