In this commercial, the product Gatorade fuels a few soccer players to become as good as professionals. As the players drink the Gatorade, the camera switches to an animated engine being powered by the Gatorade fuel. After this the players are superstars. They are recreating the exact moves performed by the pros in video game FIFA 15. The camera switches back and forth between the new superstars and the animated professionals. The young stars get stronger as they drink more Gatorade. Towards the end of the commercial, the animated player and the young star score identical goals followed by identical celebrations.

This Gatorade commercial sends the message that this product can be any athletes fuel. It seems that this product can be the extra push an athlete needs to achieve his or her goals. Gatorade is needed to be an all star.

This advertisement appeals to the human need to achieve. Any motivated individual will do what it takes to achieve their goals. This commercial depicts the well known sports drink as a supplement to achieve goals easily. So, Gatorade fuel fulfills the humans need to achieve according to the advertisement. The soccer narrative supports Jung’s philosophy, which makes the commercial more effective. Consumers enjoy to put themselves in the shoes of those in the narrative. In addition, the add effectively uses the need to achieve. Athletes have a competitive nature, so the Gatorade fuel catches its audiences attention; this add is effective.

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