Finding a good application for your child

How can you find a good application for your child? Juana is here to help!

Getting into the Digital World

When I created the Juana la Iguana television series with my partners Amanda Quijano and Anita Katz, I was looking for a program that could play a positive role in my children’s lives, and that could teach them about my culture in Spanish. Every day that goes by, technology becomes more and more present in our lives and in the lives of our children. I think we should accept this and change our perception of what education should be. This is the reason why our partners have decided to dedicate Juana la Iguana to the world of technology with our new company.

The Digital World and Children

With so many applications available on the App Store, it’s hard to know which ones are appropriate for our little kids. It’s also important to consider what would appeal to both parents and children. Is entertainment the priority? Is learning?

Smaller children prefer applications that are fun and competitive. They are the harshest critics when it comes to games that they find boring. They will cast those games aside, and chances are that they will stop playing them altogether. That said, if the parent’s goal is for their child to learn a new concept, then he or she should understand that this is only possible if the kid is having fun.

Choosing the right application

For children below the age of six, there are a few things to consider:

  • Find applications that appeal to the child’s love of learning, and that focus on teaching them how to learn more about specific concepts.
  • Make sure the apps stimulate curiosity on your children.
  • Find applications that offer “real-life activities.” These activities should complement what your child does when he or she is playing on the application. You can play with your child while you shop at the supermarket by saying, “Let’s point out which fruits are yellow,” or at home by saying, “Let’s plant a small garden in the backyard.”
  • Decide which skills you want your child to practice. Creativity? Music? Do you want them to work on their motor skills?
  • Find applications that not only teach your child cognitive concepts, but that also help them develop their social and emotional abilities..
  • Learn more about what interests your child. Do they like pirates? Do they like building?

Most parents worry that our children are too addicted to their iPads. However, we ought to remind ourselves that kids learn when they play on their devices, and applications let children practice their skills and learn new concepts. If your children spend a lot of time on their iPads, maybe they are happy with what they are doing. Of course, you should help them choose their applications, read reviews that other parents write on the App Store and go on websites that offer their take on the applications. In addition, we always recommend that parents spend time with their children in the real world to complement their digital activities. There is no substitute for watching your children grow up.

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