Three Ways to Help Regulate Children’s “Screen Time”

When it comes to television, iPads, video games, phones, computers and other devices, today’s children are born with a manual in their little minds. Although it might seem like a surprising skill, the truth is that kids actually become more prone to obesity, insomnia, anxiety, and other health-related conditions when they spend more time in front of the screen. This is why I would like to share three ways to regulate screen time with you.

Have egalitarian conditions:

The rules should be the same for everyone in your household. If Mom and Dad use the computer, or perhaps their phones or the television, then why can’t the children? It’s important that the conditions and rules are clear for all members of the family, and that everyone respects them.

A Good Idea: Have the television and the computer in a common room, and not in the bedrooms. This is an opportunity to share, respect and value everyone’s tastes and preferences. Overall, it allows for constant adult supervision.

Play Dynamic games:

Struggling with what to do when the kids are at home? Invent new activities, indulge in arts and crafts or participate in the games that your children suggest. These are all alternatives that will appeal to your kids, because what could be better than spending time with Mom and Dad?

A Good Idea: Dynamic games imply some sort of movement like running, jumping rope, playing in the park, etc. In addition to being fun, these physical activities appeal to the whole family.

Artistic activities and sports:

We often spend our free time in front of screens. Therefore, consider having your children dedicate a few hours each week to sports and arts and crafts.

Did you know that the The World Healthy Organization recommends that kids between the ages of 5 and 17 spend a full hour being active each day? This will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep in Mind:

It is ideal not to leave your kids alone when they use their various technological devices. In addition, it is highly recommended that you install parental controls to regulate what your kids can see online and on TV.

Always consider that programs and games must be appropriate to your kids age, that guarantees they will have access to appropriate content and activities that are designed to stimulate their development.

Family Play Time!

Make the screen time (regulated) be an opportunity to spend it with you little ones.

Share with me your experience.