To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are going to make a few small gifts.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we are going to make a few small gifts:

Message Jar


It’s easy to transform a glass jar — perhaps a jar you once used for sauce — into a pretty jar filled with loving messages for our friends and loved ones. You can also fill it up with candy.

Tree of “reasons why I love you so much”


Using my hand as a model, I make the trunk and roots of the tree. The flowers are these little hearts that you can fill with messages for special people in your life.

Emotion emojis


This is one of my favorites because we can discuss our emotions while we make them. How do I feel when I am sad? What does my face look like when I am happy? Make these at home so you can have fun while you learn about your emotions.

Heart Lollipops


I love giving candy to the people I love, and these lollipops are a great idea for Valentine’s Day!

Love Cards


This idea is ingenious because all you need is an empty roll of toilet paper to make heart stamps. Then you can write whatever comes from your soul.

Have any other ideas to help celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Play with them and the Farm Friends! Sharing is the best gift you can give your friends.

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