“Hot Property”

So I’ve finally got around to writing my first blog post that I was scared nobody would read. I often come across these amazing blogs with inspiring quotes and poetic flows and then there’s me…a South-east London girl that isn’t the most articulate of people, hates proofreading my work and is probably going to type way too much or way too little. But one thing I have promised myself is that I’ll be me. I’ll type how I talk, and write about things that I only feel passionate about. I’m not blogging for recognition, but damn if no one reads this then this might be the first and last blog you see from me. 🤔

I’ve always wanted to blog about my travels. I’ve travelled to a few places in the past three years, but I’ve never documented them other than on Instagram due to laziness which has really pissed me off, especially when I get asked the same questions over and over. But you know what they say, there’s no time like the present. So here I am, about to give you this hopefully helpful guide about my most recent travels to Iceland as I got a lot of questions about it. (All underlined words are linked so that I don’t waffle too much).


This destination is not for the bad and bouji (yes, this was difficult for me lol). Iceland is one of the world’s 25 natural wonders, meaning nothing here is manmade; there’s like one 5 star hotel in the entire country, there’s no where to pop bottles AND it’s too cold to be doing fashion. This destination is more about appreciating the natural things the world has to offer. I hope this helps filter out if it’s for you.

I visited Iceland for my 23rd birthday and it was truly one of my most incredible travelling experiences. I’m not a minus degree kinda girl but I held it together for the duration of the trip. Now firstly, it’s important to know when you can travel to Iceland so you don’t make the near mistake I did. October to February are it’s winter periods, of course you can go outside of this time, but to get the full Icelandic experience, travel during this time frame so you can see all the attractions in their full capacity (i.e The Northern Lights).


  • Return flights from London Heathrow to Keflavik — £220pp with Iceland’s national carrier, Icelandair (a very nice airline for a short haul flight, I must say). Flight time there 2hr 50mins. On return, 2hrs. Booked with NetFlights via SkyScanner.
  • 3 nights in the Geo Hotel, Grindavik — £180pp. A very basic 3* star hotel about 30mins drive from Klefavik Airport. Booked with Booking.com and paid at the hotel. I ideally wanted to stay in the Silica Hotel but aint nobody got £700pp for that.
  • 4x4 Rental — £360 for 3 days (inc. insurance, wifi, sat nav but the sat nav isn’t needed as it’ll be built in the vehicle). This is essential. Public transport does not exist everywhere in Iceland and taxi is extortionate, so make sure you get one. We booked with Geysir.
  • Your wallet. Iceland is not cheap. Change your money at the Post Office beforehand, not at the airport to avoid the worst rate possible.


We spent the first evening at The Blue Lagoon which was amazing, it’s basically an oversized natural jacuzzi. It was £70 for a premium package, (you can find out what each package includes here). The outside temperature was roughly -2°C, but the geothermal water was 40°C (which is probably why we spent 3 and a half hours in there lol). Use your time there to meet other people, you’ll meet people from all walks of life there (including those “yaaass” ratchet American girls) have a drink or three, and grab a free facial.

The second day we went on a 10 hour Golden Circle Excursion through Reykjavik, Gulföss Waterfall, Langjökull Glacier, and a mini volcano place (can’t remember what it’s called). This was totally worth it (£175pp). We got to see all of Icelands hot spots and the most breathtaking views of the country. They took us to an uphill area where mini volcanos randomly erupt and you can smell the vivid scent of sulphur (which smells like raw egg) but we fortunately managed to get one of the eruptions on cam. We luckily had lots of sun that day too so the views whilst snowmobiling were out of this world. Snowmobiling is roughly an hour long..it doesn’t sound like much but when you’ve got minus degree wind smacking your top lip, 20 minutes is more than enough.

Really need someone to propose to me here — (can’t remember what this place was called).
Gulföss Waterfall
Looking back at this now, the pic doesn’t even look real. — Langjökull Glacier

We rounded up the excursion by going to The Blue Lagoon’s fine dining restaurant, LAVA. The menu is a little limited…but I broke my no red meat fast for their steak and it was worth every bite. Please note, as everything else is in Iceland, this place is expensive. £70 for a 2 course meal and a mediocre cocktail.🙄

The starters were meant to be present for the pic but you know…- LAVA Restaurant

Unfortunately, there was a storm on the last day so we didn’t get to go into Reykjavik as planned, and consequently our flight was delayed the following day. But they do have a TGI and Iceland’s biggest shopping centre there if you’re interested in going.

Dos and Don’ts:

You’ll want to flaunt those angles in the lagoon so bring a waterproof phone case for your pictures, you can buy them on Ebay for £5 max. If you buy one there, you’re looking at £20…each.

There’s no time limit on your stay in the Lagoon and the sun doesn’t set until 10pm at this time of year, so don’t worry if your flight is late or delayed.

Bring a power bank! Your battery will not last the 10 hour excursion, especially with the use of Snapchat etc. They are pretty useful for any holiday actually. You can find these on Amazon for £20–25.

Don’t let them finesse you into buying their bottled water. Not only is it expensive, but all of the Iceland’s water comes from their hot springs, meaning that the water you get in a bottle is exactly the same as the water you get from the tap. Bring a bottle, fill it up from the tap and take it with you wherever you go.

Stay hydrated. The cold is not a joke. My skin started flaking after the first day because I wasn’t drinking enough water. Make sure you keep your fluid levels up and wear an intensive moisturiser at all times.

Watch the “Driving in Iceland” video if you fly with Icelandair, there’s a video on board. If not, you can access it here. It has some useful tips for driving in icy conditions, road signs to look out for etc.

I rarely ever want to go to the same place twice but all in all, i’d love to go again. There were so many other things we didn’t get a chance to do like the huskies dog sled, mountain hikes and the helicopter tour. (You can find all of these activities on TripAdvisor). I find that countries with history have a lot more meaning and the trip is more purposeful. Definitely go if you want to experience something a bit different. I know the climate isn’t appealing to everyone but it honestly makes a change from the same old regular degular destinations everyone seems to go to. I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

And for those who are wondering why I entitled this “Hot Property”, you can find out here.

Until next time!

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