Meal Planning as Apple Intended

Meal planning for the week helps us stay within our grocery budget, helps me stay within calorie budget, and makes evenings less stressful so we have more time to spend together as a family. Here’s how I do it using native Apple apps and the iOS 11 Public Beta. No pinterest printables (printing is waste), no $3 grocery/meal planning apps (those aren’t necessarily waste but you don’t need them IMO), and no crumply pieces of paper to keep track of until you go to the grocery (excess use of paper is waste)(don’t be wasteful)(don’t be extra)(being extra is wasteful).

We have a shared calendar that Jason appropiately named “FOOD!!!!” Each week, usually on Sunday, I go through my Pinterest boards and favorite recipe apps and choose what I feel like eating/cooking.

Once I decide on a recipe, I add it to the FOOD!!!! calendar and put the link in the URL section for easy access when I’m cooking that day. And, while it seems dumb to put the address for our house in every event, having it there allows me to add an alert for “Time To Leave” so Jason will get it and be on time for dinner. I will not wait for him to eat. I won’t, Jason.

Then, using the the Multitasking feature on my iPad, I open our shared grocery list on the right and the recipe I’ve chosen on the left and add the ingredients I need to the list. It’s helpful to have the shared grocery list in case Jason has to do the grocery shopping, or if I’m already at the grocery and he realizes he needs something, he can add it to the list and it will update on my list while I’m there.

I repeat this for each day of the week and sometimes for lunch (adding in a few nights of eating out because I like to eat out).

It’s all really fun and very helpful to all involved. 😊

NOTE: Apple does not endorse this post. Apple doesn’t even know I wrote it. I don’t know if this is actually how Apple intended meal planning to go. I am assuming.