I learned to code, build a web app and launch it on Product Hunt in 2 months
Andrey Azimov

VERY COOL. So I help to build sites and avoid code completely. I build on Wp.org with a genesis framework and I so desire to grow my skills and eventually build or work with someone who can help me to build themes. Your piece inspired me.

We often pay so much attention to what others say and think that about what is the “RIGHT WAY’ to construct something when there is no wrong or right way to develop that is why we call it developing we are creating new methods and bringing to life new ideas.

I loved seeing your journey and I wish you all the best. If you ever decide that you want to build apps for clients I would love to work with you. Finding affordable developers who are trustworthy and honest is not easy. I would love to be a part of your journey of development.

Best in all things….


April Andzel- Ward


PS. Would you consider giving an interview?

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