My girlfriend physically attacked me and 2 months later I asked her to marry me
John Wright

I don’t claim to know the story or details of what occurred nor do I care to get involved. My purpose for writing this is to vouch for the character of John Wright. I was married to John for 7 years. We’ve been divorced for the last 14 years. We have co-parented our only daughter Renee Wright, for 17 years. I can say that through all the years of my relationship with John, he has never hit, slapped, pushed, or touched my body in an inappropriate way. I can also say that John has faithfully been a loving presence in our daughter’s life for the last 17 years. I do not know the ‘right’ thing to do regarding a settlement for this case.

As a parent, I’m concerned about the message that’s being sent our daughter in this dilemma. This concern drives me to wish for justice to be done. I know that I want Renee to be in relationships that nurture, rather than tear her down. I know that I NEVER want her to be in a situation where she is hit. I want her to have the confidence to walk away from a situation like that if it ever happened. I want her to respect her body as well as the bodies of those around her. I hope that John’s experience can bring awareness to the presence of abuse in the world. I hope that his journey can inspire others to seek help if they are being abused. I hope that we can more fully embrace love.

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