Live Video: It’s Not About The Content
Matt Hackett

Great read – funny you mention the democratic potential of live video and then relate live video to its “predecessor” the morning talk show. We all have our own opinions as to how democratic that is… also funny how you mention live video’s democratic appeal and then mention its integration on Facebook.

I feel the use for live video is still relatively unknown (at least from my minimal understanding). So yes, I agree, live video is still up in their air. Clearly twitch has found a way of using it, by bounding it within a box, but I see the nature of video (esp live) so much more than constrained and pre planned content. The potential to manipulate live video through a different contextual lens is also quite intriguing – although will it still merit the idea of “live”? Is the point for live video to not be real? Or maybe “real” and “live” are 2 very different things, and then when put together, prove to not be a successful product. Will the potential for live video turn away from its democratic idealization…

Anyways, thanks for this!

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