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Wow, I love (read: hate) how they’ve co-opted an analogy that was originally used to explain rape culture, specifically why women avoid creepy men who cold approach them in public.

The analogy in that usage went something like this: if there was a bowl of M&Ms on the table and I told you three of them were poisonous and would kill you, would you eat them? After all, not ALL of them are poisoned.

Bear in mind this was being used in conversations about why women can’t just “take a compliment” from creepy, invasive strange men who come up to them on the street and try to elicit conversation, touch, phone numbers, etc from them out of nowhere. It was also used when the news was lit up with stories about women being murdered for rejecting the unwanted advances of men in bars, on the street, even in schools.

So maybe not a perfect analogy, but a great one for describing why women don’t like to be approached by strangers on the street/train/bus/whatever (because apparently this is extremely hard for some people to understand). If you’re not a man who does that thing, it’s clearly not about you. And if you are a man who does that thing, hey, here’s why you shouldn’t!

Not so great when you switch it around and try to use it to generalize an entire group of people as terrorists simply because of where they come from, people who have done no one any harm and who are actually fleeing terrorism, war, and the threat of genocide in many cases.

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