i had a professor back in college and he’s teaching Society and Culture. It was our final exam and he only gave us one question, what will your life be in 10 years? The whole class started writing, me, i was staring at my paper, I don’t know why but i just went blank.

So me, being the weird me, stood up, passed my empty paper and was ready to get out of class. But things don’t work out that way.. My professor asked me, why did you pass your paper with nothing written on it? I just smiled and said, “sir, how should i know what i will become in 10 years time? I don’t even get it how they can answer that question.. (pointing at the class) But i’m hoping by that time, i’m happy..

My professor smiled and handed back my paper, i saw my grade, he gave me a 99% with a smiley face.

Thank you Sir Garingo..