“But what can we do?!” A white mother’s reflections on racial justice and parenting
Shannon Cofrin Gaggero

I have been inspired and educated from reading all of your articles. As an educator, and an avid collector of diverse children’s books, I have found myself in the past telling my students that skin color doesn’t matter. We are all human beings who want to be happy and who experience suffering. But by saying skin color doesn’t matter, I am already taking the easy way out….because it does and it has. Always.

I also gave birth to a blonde hair blue eyed baby girl who is seven weeks old. My husband and I left America four years ago to live in Belize…to leave the conventional lifestyle and replace it for frugalness, family time, solar panels, thrift store shopping and sustainable living. But this in itself was a privileged choice.

The majority of students I’ve taught are Maya, Garinagu, And Kriol. Black lives matter and my daughter will grow up with her best friends being Belizean children, all shades of brown.

I appreciate the resources and ethical choices you make. I’m looking forward to connecting with some of these groups to educate my daughter as she grows.

Thank you!!