Significant portions of this text significantly resonates with me.
Ferdi Zebua

I worry more about being sane than I do about being crazy. I think the key to it from my perspective is that we are so many layers of overlapping systems, that most people only ever scratch the surface of the true possibility that exists within themselves.

Those that explore enough to learn about themselves are aware of what’s there, and might pick just a few perspectives that they prioritize and then scrap the rest of them. But when they scrap them, that doesn’t mean that those layers fade away and stop existing. They continue on, running in the background in the unconscious —

free to get picked up and influenced by any stronger personality with its own agendas.

How much responsibility does each of us have for owning the lesser traveled paths in our psyche? For walking them and planting flowers and killing and razing the whole place?

For replanting and making new. For Merging the walls and synthesizing truly new life and intention.

How much does any of us contain?