y first year on the social media network ello was spent mostly making jokes beta testing — testing limits, testing boundaries, finding the bugs, making all the connections!

I met a group of people, collectively referred to as the “Ellominati” whose ties to each other were influenced by a strange beach ball that scramble suited its way into all of the hearts and minds of everyone it found. Looking for a way in, or maybe just a way out, we each followed and F2F’d, and alted our :heart: out until we mashed up against one another and learned to play nice and not make fun of anyone’s beard!

@theanimatedwoman attempting to navigate the @galaxim maze

The Origins of @lirpa

Initially, my ello profile was sparse. If I hadn’t set out actively looking for anyone, I might have never have known what was stirring just under the surface.

I found myself drawn into the gravitational pull of a close-knit group that formed in the first month — the result of @mention posts that tumbled and carried us on a wave into comradery. Because ello had no “search” feature in the beginning, we needed guides to navigate through the darkness and into the content!

The initial pioneers scrambled to define and redefine what ello would eventually become. Stuck out amidst the @mention email notifications wa sa guide, a prolific half cyborg, half social artist infiltrated the posts. @galaxim made his entrance(s).

S c r a m b l e d

The Second Wave

This is elloween

I can’t remember who coined “elloween.” It seems to me that I remember it either being @mtvinthe1990s, @wiederganger, or I who first portmanteau’d the upcoming holiday during the beginning of ello’s critcal mass. The term took off fast, paving the way for more festive ello holidays to come.


Five to Follow

With Ello still lacking a “search” feature, it became critical to let the newcomers know who was who and how they could fill up their feed with quality posts. Being frustrated at the all-too-common first post of, “No one’s here!” the F2F was started to help friends find and keep more friends.

It was time to promote people, connect people, bring more and more people into the fold. We were all looking for someone to follow and to show off our picks for our Top Five

Next Time…

The Bannings