MRAs don’t really care.
Sumant Manne

With all due respect (and way after the fact), I was not talking about the people who have decided quietly not to see the movie or even those saying things on their own platforms about why they don’t want to. I am talking about the people who were harassing those involved, finding the nastiest things to say, something which continued well after the movie was out (see Leslie Jones being tweeted pics of gorillas).

I respect AVGN and I respect his decision not to see the film. I don’t respect those fans of his who decided to go to Patton Oswalt and disrespect his very recently deceased wife. I didn’t have a dog in this fight until I saw what Leslie Jones was dealing with, but once I saw it, as a fan, I felt moved to tell everyone to calm down because I felt things were getting out of hand and a little too nasty.

The movie happened. I didn’t think it was amazing (except for Holzmann and Patty), but I didn’t think it was terrible either. It had potential that was spoiled by dependence on Easter eggs and callbacks and some lazy editing. But it’s done and what’s the worst that has come of it? This has been an overblown case of internet outrage and, in my opinion, the punishment did not fit the crime.

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