So today I’m giving myself a challenge to tell whoever is willing to read my story of an psychological injury…, (big breath). Now it all started with a new manager it was a big change for the staff just to put it, it’s was about to be a place of walking on eggshells. The new manager called us the shit of the shit, I know a bit out spoken she was. Everything was okay till I met my husband which was at my best friends wedding but my best friend at the times sister was a colleague so what ever my best friend saw or heard would go to her sister the colleague of mine that like to suck arse with the new boss. I got called into the office, no hello, no how are you no nothing but ‘you need to stop talking about your sex and love life with other staff because it’s trashy’, my heart stopped I became sweaty and every time I tried to speak she spoke over the top of me, I remember just walking out. It was a meeting that felt like forever. After that I was the lime light of whatever went wrong was my fault even if I wasn’t at work. Came 2013 I was so excited I was pregnant with baby number 2. But little did I know the bullying got worse which drained every little piece of me that I ended up having a miscarriage, I was an emotional wreck but carried on. Days felt like weeks and weeks felts like months at work just to keep going than 2014 found I was pregnant again I was nervous as I knew once work found out I was the bad person. A doctors letter to the manager didn’t stop her from her blaming ruining me and others cause conflict that didn’t have to be but she found many was to break me into a cry child that begged not to go to school but in my case I didn’t want to go to work. My days off we’re hopeless she still called me to bully me belittle me control me and what made it worse my daily activities became a struggle my life became a struggle I became a stranger to myself. I gave birth to my daughter in December 2014 which you would think would be the best moments of your life but wrong it was the worst. My manager had me thinking I was suffer PND, fucking wrong I was failing in every shape and form, I was forgetful I was ready to end it all over a job I once dedicated my life to as a nurse I felt like a patient. I needed help! I wanted to kill myself, I emailed my work to find out did I have a job to come back to which just opened doors to mind games and gossip and more high school drama that you see on stupid TV. My manger stalked my Facebook and so on. Than I went to the doctors claim for psychological injury yep I was under workcover and investigations for all the shit. It’s now been nearly 2 years and still suffering. I have major depression + anxiety + adjustment disorder. I feel I will suffer for the rest of my life. I look at my medication at night and think of that so called manager. She is the manager of me and I no longer work there.
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