From Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice; edited by Or N. Rose, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, and Margie Klein (Jewish Lights, 2007).

It’s very hard to move forward in a struggle for justice if a part of you always has to watch your back. If the Israelites had been forced to watch for the soldiers at their heels, instead of focusing on the way forward, can you imagine the bottleneck at the Red Sea?

Yet in a world that hasn’t yet defeated antisemitism, this is the tension faced by Jews fighting for social justice. And it’s not only our

The story of Germantown, and how it’s influenced me, is one I feel I’ve been writing my entire life. As a child, when I played outside, it seemed to me that there were stories seeping out of the soft, red-brick sidewalks — stories of generations and generations whose feet had sanded down those stones, floating up silently around me and mingling in the summer air with the songs of ice-cream trucks, double-dutch games, glass crunching underfoot, the jazz band practicing down the street.

Walking over the cobblestones of Germantown Avenue with my mother, I felt that we must have been…

April Rosenblum

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