Excellent Travel Ideas: Have An Exciting Getaway This Father’s Day

The countdown for Father’s Day celebration has officially started. It is the time of year when we should look back and give our loving fathers the recognition that they deserve. For all the years that they have worked hard to provide our necessities as well as the love and care that we all need. It is not hard to pay back all those hard work with just a day to show them how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Others might already have plans for this upcoming event, while others are still planning for it. It doesn’t matter if your gift is expensive or not, what’s important is its value and the effort that you have put into it.

Contemplating on what activities to do, gifts to give and things to prepare can be such a handful but you have your family with you. Do it as a team and everything will be just fine. Yes, you probably have prepared greeting cards as well as homemade gifts and that is totally great. To make this occasion even more special, you and your family can go for an outing or a getaway where you could spend some quality time together. Here are few travel ideas for an exciting getaway this Father’s Day.

1. Golf Times

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Dad could use this time to enjoy a little tee time to indulge in a sport that he really loves. If you’re looking for a perfect spot for this, you can go to Orlando, Florida. It has nearly 150 golf courses to choose from and your dad can meet a lot of golfers from all over the world. It is only one of the many golf destinations you can consider. Or, you can take him to St. Andrew’s in Scotland, certainly you would put a giant smile on his face.

2. Hit The Beach

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The warm weather is perfect for a little family bonding at the beach. You can certainly find yourself great deals in various great beaches such as Sanibel Island in Florida, Gulf Shores in Alabama and Rockland in Maine. Jamaica is also a must-see beach destination. There are numerous beach spots local and abroad where you can revel in the cool water beneath your feet and enjoy in beach activities.

3. Niagara Falls Tour

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You’ve probably heard a lot about Niagara Falls in Ontario which is why you should take your dad for a tour there. Let him see the world’s most incredible natural wonders. Aside from that, you can also enjoy in visiting few attractions and museums that make it a well-rounded trip. As a Father’s Day Tribute, there will be an event called Niagara’s annual RibFest which runs from June 14–16 to be held at Optimism Park. You should definitely take your father there.

4. Have A Little Race

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If your dad has that certain love for sport, then you should definitely take him to Myrtle Beach Speedway. It has been known as home to some of NASCAR’s most amazing drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Let your dad enjoy on his special day and after that, you can hang out in the nearby beach while having a little drink. You can also indulge in local flavors that will entice your taste buds.

5. Cruise To Best Travel Destinations

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Cruise is one of the best trips you can do together with your dad this Father’s Day. The Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe and Alaska are the top five best travel destinations you can certainly go to. The first three boasts with white sand beaches and incredible water adventures as well as amazing food. Europe has been known for various landmarks, heritage sites, remarkable culture, arts and many more. Alaska has a lot to offer such as vast wilderness, breathtaking adventures, abundant wildlife and tax-free shopping. No matter what you choose, you and your family especially your dad will love it.

Father’s Day is indeed a celebration worth spending with family. So whenever you decide to go for a cruise, make sure to pack all the important things. Consider the weather that you’ll be facing there especially if you choose Alaska. Among the list of best cruise destinations, it is the only place which is not inclined with white sand beaches, which is why you have to prepare differently. Also, to complete your exceptional travel experience, don’t forget to book for cheap shore excursions and certainly you will not regret it. There are various places where you and your family could have a blast this Father’s Day, but the most perfect place is home. Let your fathers feel the love you have for them and be proud!

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