Have A Bite Of The Best Flavors Of Donuts This National Donut Day

Hooray, it’s National Donut Day! What’s your favorite flavor? If you haven’t chosen a single flavor yet, then you can try various choices that would suffice your cravings for donuts. This is an annual celebration of probably the yummiest day of the year. It has been a custom event that is being rejoiced every first Friday of June every year. It all started way back in 1983, when The Salvation Army created this event as a tribute to those men and women who served doughnuts to the soldiers of World War 1. It’s been decades, yet, we all come and join the rest of the nation in celebrating this flavorful day.

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As part of the celebration of this event, famous donut houses such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme offer free food for everyone to dig in. Perhaps, donuts are the best tasting junk food that has ever been made and it has even been part of our daily lives. Almost everyone loves donut, even celebrities and fictional characters do! Though, we always eat donuts even if it’s not National Donuts Day, this is a special celebration that we all ought to enjoy. Today, have a bite of the best favors of donuts and eat your heart out.

1. Glazed

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Glazed donuts are probably one of the most common flavors, yet are one of the best. These donuts are raised donuts which are covered in sweet icing on top. The most popular glazed donuts are served at Krispy Kreme. Though, you can also make one on you own. There are various homemade recipes that you could check out and make your own version of crispy and creamy glazed donuts.

2. Chocolate Frosted

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My favorite! Everybody loves chocolate. How much more if it is being frosted to donuts and added with sprinkles? It’s totally mouthwatering and awesome! It is best paired with coffee which is perfect for a weekend breakfast or a fun dessert at any time of day. If you’re not a coffee lover, you can have milk or tea along with chocolate frosted donuts and indulge in its exquisite flavor.

3. Boston Kreme

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A Boston Kreme flavored donut is a miniature version of the Boston cream pie. It is typically a round, solid, yeast raised doughnut with chocolate frosting and a creamy vanilla flavored custard filling. Dark chocolate is usually being used for the frosting of this donut and it is best served with coffee. You can certainly find this flavor in a range of donut houses especially the most popular ones.

4. Powdered

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Did you know that the most powdered is six and was eaten donuts were done in just three minutes? Yes, that’s right and the record holder is an Australian named Shamus Petherick. Powdered donuts are one of the most famous and best donut flavors ever. It is a classic cake doughnuts covered in just the right amount of powdered sugar which is why a lot of people love it.

5. Custard-filled

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In every donut shops that you will visit, you will definitely find custard-filled donuts. These donuts are filled with Bavarian custard filled doughnut topped with creamy icing. Some uses chocolate, powdered sugar or glazed for the icing to top these donuts. Whatever you choose, it would certainly be exquisite and would satisfy your craving for donuts. While you are at the donut shops, might as well have a sip with coffee along with custard-filled donuts.

Haven’t had enough? Certainly, you could drop by various donut houses, coffee shops and other places where your eyes can marvel on the range of donut flavors that will entice your tastes buds for sure. Since it’s a Friday, expect lot of people you’ll meet while you’re waiting for your donut to be served along with your choice of coffee. If you are looking for a job or a businessman, get your customized business cards ready because you’ll never know whom you’ll meet. This is a chance for you to start a conversation with other people and engage in exchange of stories. Who knew? Maybe the next time you take a bite of your donut, you’re with a bunch of successful people. Have a blast!