Is Trump a genius?

Thank you for your attention to the fact that Trump — while we may deplore how he won and what he’s doing — is very smart or intuitive in how he exploits his voters/followers. He may lack all knowledge about how government works (and most other subjects), and his narcissism is truly breathtaking, but the man is very smart in his branding and reading what his followers want to hear. He reminds me of George W. Bush; everyone couldn’t stop talking about how unintelligent he was, but they forgot that he was the author of his father’s evangelical electoral strategy, he was extremely likable, and he was a great campaigner. He had his “genius” too.

Could Trump be brought around to expanded Medicare for all? There are good economic arguments to be made for it (see my recent post “Private Health Insurance: Is it the Solution or the Problem?”). It’s true that this Congress, led by Paul Ryan in the House, is dead-set on returning this country to a fend-for-yourself society, as you aptly wrote, but Trump desperately wants to be popular and beloved. Democrats can exploit this weakness. If they can convince him to support it, especially on his Twitter feed, it’s possible that enough Republicans in Congress could be frightened into voting for it.

Trump used to be a Democrat. We know he favors billionares — just look at his Cabinet picks — but is he ideologically sold on the idea that the free market solves all problems? It’s a stretch, but Democrats and non-government groups and individuals should try.

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