Agreed. I initially had no problem with the original post, but some of the responses — “I’m not from the hood, either! Look at me!”—have been really off-putting. And you’re especially right that no one wants to read a story without any type of conflict. It doesn’t have to be an “inner-city” narrative; it could well have been that he needed money to launch his startup but no VC would bite, so he took on a bunch of odd jobs/maxed out his credit cards/risked his house. Many white entrepreneurs have similar stories.

I’m also not a fan of the “happen to be black” piece—blackness is an important piece of my identity, and I claim it proudly—but not everyone has that same relationship to racial identity. At this point I’m like, “Do you. Hope you’re found peace.”

I think what got me was the 60-day shadowing part…I’d hope and expect he has receipts for that (maybe not). If it checks out, how did it take that long to realize there wasn’t a compelling story there?

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