All You Need to Know About Aprofita Cash-Back Store of Premium iOS Apps

This is not a long post boasting off how great Aprofita is, though it really is awesome ;). Here we’ll share 10 facts about Aprofita and we’ll leave you to decide how great it is.

100% Legitimate

Aprofita is not another service offering hacked apps. Here you can get the best iOS apps from the Apple App Store with fantastic cash-backs.

Best Apps

Top apps across all App Store categories, including games. The names you know, the apps you want — you can find all them on Aprofita.

Navigation Options

At Aprofita you can browse the catalog, check the best offers of top iOS apps in the featured blocks, look for the apps you love with the search bar, and use the pre-order option to get notified about apps’ sales offers.

Payout Options

With Aprofita you can easily cash out every single cash-back to your PayPal account. Fast and easy, with no minimum payout limitations. AND — Visa and MasterCard payouts are coming soon as well!

All Deals in One Place

You no longer need to look for discounts and wait for your favorite apps go free. With Aprofita you get access to hundreds of cash-back offers in one place.

Major Cash-Back Offers

On Aprofita you don’t deal with the regular 1–5% cash-backs. The average cash-back offer is 50% of the app price. Not bad, huh?

Paid Apps Gone Free

Every day Aprofita features one premium App of The Day with a 100% cash-back. Just install the app and get the entire sum you paid on App Store back. And that’s not all! Browse through the catalog and find more apps offering a 100% cash-back.

Fast Cash-Outs

Once the purchase is complete, the cash-back becomes available in user account within 24 hours. Immediately after that, the cash-back can be withdrawn. No more waiting and saving up.

Adapting to Your Needs

Aprofita being a young service, we are always happy to receive the feedback from our users and implement the features you want to see most.

New Experience

Aprofita is a unique place that offers legitimate discounts for the App Store apps. It’s an entirely new way of purchasing mobile apps and saving up your money. Would love a paid app but don’t think the price is reasonable? With Aprofita you get up to 100% money back on every purchase!


We will not make the conclusion for you. Visit Aprofita and see it for yourself. Our team will stay in the wings and will get to your aid, should you have any questions about the platform and the benefits you can receive with it.