Aprofita Factsheet: 10 Reasons Why You Need It

Apr 19, 2018 · 4 min read

General Fact #1: the App Store and Google Play have monopolized most of the mobile apps universe.

General Fact#2: app developers and users have limited options to maneuver in their selling/purchasing experience.

General Fact#3: app prices are standardized and fixed in certain groups: $0.99, $1.99. etc.

General Fact#4: sales mechanics on the App Store are pretty rigid with limited options in special offers and discounts.

Solid facts that app developers and users have to deal with on a daily basis.

So we woke up one day and thought — hey, ain’t it time for a change? Why not develop a tool that will complement the App Store and Google Play and offer mobile app developers an alternative app sales and user acquisition mechanism? And that’s how Aprofita came to be.

What is Aprofita?

Aprofita is a cashback store of premium mobile apps, in-apps, and subscriptions where app developers can offer their apps to a deeply segmented userbase of exclusively paying users.

Why do app developers need Aprofita?

Because it’s a new way to generate more organic installs and increase user retention.

Aprofita does User Acquisition and ensures that Aprofita is populated with paying-only users . All you need to do to drive in more installs of your paid products and generate profit — is to publish your apps at Aprofita. The rest we’ll do for you.

How does it work?

What else do you need to know about Aprofita?

Aprofita Fact #1

Aprofita offers an alternative to classic mobile app sales mechanisms. Want to run up to 100% cashback on your products? No problem. Want to set up prices on your apps and in-apps outside the $0,99 — $X,99 range? Easy! Want to split-test various pricing models? Yes, sir!

Aprofita Fact #2

Aprofita = Organic.

No bots, no motivated traffic — only purely organic installs.

Aprofita Fact #3

Your pricing policy on Aprofita does not affect the prices on the App Store and Google Play. No lost profit. Your users outside Aprofita will still purchase your apps, in-apps, and subscriptions at a regular price.

Aprofita Fact #4

Aprofita is 100% legitimate from the App Store and Google Play standpoint as all purchase transactions are completed on the respective store.

Aprofita Fact #5

You don’t pay a single penny until your app has been installed and launched on the user device. No advance payments and small text. 100% conversion rate. Pure CPI.

Aprofita Fact #6

Do you have a freemium app? The better for you — you don’t pay for app installs! Only in-app purchases trigger Aprofita CPI. You’re literally getting users for free!

Aprofita Fact #7

Aprofita is designed to make your app as discoverable as possible. We feature your apps across the entire platform. Moreover, you don’t have to battle for the spotlight. We give you the tools to get your apps to the very top.

Aprofita Fact #8

We help you analyze user behavior. Your dynamic dashboard and analytics will give you real-time data regarding your sales statistics across various verticals.

Aprofita Fact #9

We handle all support matters with your users.And with you :) We’re there for you and your users 24/7.

Aprofita Fact #10

We give you a chance to test Aprofita for free. Sign up now and get your $100 Welcome Bonus. We’re literally giving away money (or rather quality users)!

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