Aprofita Unveiled. Your Guide to Mobile Apps Profit Generation

Mar 6, 2018 · 7 min read

We’re nearing Aprofita’s official launch. Excited as we are, it’s no time to relax.

Before you can try out the actual thing, we’ve decided to give you a quick outline of what Aprofita has got to offer you. Follow me!

What is Aprofita?

Aprofita is the first cash-back outlet for premium iOS and Android mobile applications, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. What does that mean? It means that we offer mobile users a fantastic opportunity to hunt for the best mobile deals on the market in one place.

What’s in it for mobile app developers?

Just the fact that Aprofita is a unique place where you can boost your organic installs and increase user lifetime value by simply publishing your application!

With millions of apps on App Store and Google Play to the date app developers battle for users attention. And then struggle on to keep them engaged for as long as possible.

Aprofita offers mobile app developers completely new and innovative sales mechanics: when placing premium products among our exclusively paying user base we make their cash-back offers shoot directly at active deal-seekers.

With Aprofita your products will easily get the spotlight they have to struggle for on AppStore and Google Play.

No bots, no motivated traffic — pure organic installs by exclusively paying users.

Campaign Management System


In order to start generating organic installs all you have to do is to complete super fast and easy sign-up process.


Once registered, you need to pull up the list of your products. You can do that automatically by entering your Apple Developer ID or Google Play Advertiser ID.

You can also add and modify your list of in-apps manually.

All your products, both iOS, and Android, co-exist simultaneously. You can switch from App Store to Google Play domain in one click and manage all your sales within a single interface.

Now that you see the list of your apps and in-apps on Aprofita, you can start managing their visibility by assigning one of the following product statuses.

· Sale — meaning that there’s a cash-back campaign featuring this particular product.

· Preorder — the product is available for preorder. The user will get notified when it goes on sale.

· Invisible — this particular product is only visible to the developer in their back office. Users on the frontend will not see it unless the status is changed to ‘Preorder’ or ‘Sale’.

· Archived — the product will be moved to an archive and will not be visible either to user or to the developer.


To put an app on sale, you need to make sure you’ve integrated Aprofita’s SDK.

Think of the simplest SDK you can imagine.

Done? Great — Aprofita’s SDK is 10 times simpler! It will take an average of 3 minutes to integrate it. Flash-style fast!

Done? Congrats! Now you can create your cash-back campaigns.


Your main sales mechanism on Aprofita is a cashback-based sales campaign.

No complicated interfaces, no life-long setting up. You can configure a campaign in literally just a few clicks:

· Choose the product

· Set up campaign duration

· Choose the amount of the cashback from 1 to 100%

· Publish it. And that’s it!

Aprofita is a highly dynamic sales tool: you can run multiple campaigns at a time, put any of them on hold or resume at any given moment.

On the Front End


On Aprofita iOS and Android apps coexist but do not intermix. Users can choose which OS they’re interested and scan through the appropriate app without any confusion.


Once the campaign is launched, your products will appear on Aprofita frontend under the appropriate category. The beauty of it is that you can either use the category choose on App Store or Google Play, or choose one manually.


Currently Aprofita offers 4 main featuring options:

1. New Products

2. Big Sale

3. Best Sellers

4. All Products

New Products

Put on sale for the first time, your products will immediately hit the ‘New Products’ featuring. The list if dynamically updated.

Best Sellers

The list is updated every 24 hours. It features 20 apps with the most views and installs to the date.

All Products

Apps displayed here are a random selection of all products published on Aprofita.

Best Sellers

The largest and the most prominent featuring that lists the products with the highest cash-back offers. The featuring is dynamically updated in real-time mode.

To give mobile apps the spotlight they well deserve, we give them an opportunity to hit the featuring on the Home page AND inside each category. That way, even if you didn’t make it to the Home page lists, you can still be promoted inside your category and sub-category.

Product Page

Once discovered, users will have an opportunity to review your product’s personalized page. There they can find such information as:

· App title

· Icon and screenshots

· Developer’s info

· App description

· List of in-apps

· Pricing & Cashback offer

All descriptions and assets are automatically imported from your App Store/Google Play product pages.


To install your application, upon clicking the ‘Get’ button users will be redirected to the appropriate store to complete the purchase. This ensures 100% legitimacy of the transactions from AppStore And Google Play guidelines standpoint.

The purchase is deemed completed when the transaction has been confirmed on the app store side and the app has been opened on user device.

Within 48 hours after the confirmation the user will receive the cashback to their Aprofita account. They can either cash it out immediately on their PayPal account of store it on Aprofita.

User Account

Inside their account on Aprofita users can manage their personal information and purchase activities:

1. Purchase history

2. Cashback statistics (earned, pending & cashed out)

3. Personal information & settings

4. Wishlist

5. Notifications inbox

Users can also contact Aprofita Support team. We address all support inquiries within 24 hours!

Aaaand.. We’re back to the back office :)

Dashboards and Analytics

So, your apps, in-apps and subscriptions are selling like hot pies. Time to check how exactly your sales are doing.

Aprofita gives you exhaustive information regarding your sales campaigns. You can check the statistics per product or per entire group:

· Total sales

· Gross revenue

· Total cashback

· Total fee

· Net revenue

You can check your entire purchase history and use our dashboards for quick access to financial statistics.


Using Aprofita is a piece of cake.

But in case you have any questions or need help with the tools at your disposal — you can contact our support team and your inquiry will be addressed within 24 hours.

The same goes for your users — you don’t need to worry about supporting them. We’ll give them the best Tier1 support they could dream of!

Is That All?

Of course not! Once launched, we’ll dig into further development to deliver the best product features imaginable. Aprofita is the universe where every single member — be it app developer or user — will get extra profit.

Come and join us. We’ll be happy to see you in our community.

Have doubts? Drop us a message and we’ll take care of you!