Top 5 Reasons for User Churn in Mobile Apps

It’s a common belief that the main challenge for every business, especially a small one, is to attract customers and present the product in the most favorable light. However, to retain these previously acquired customers might become the biggest challenge for your team.

Most companies are well informed about the problem with gaining new clients, while they tend to forget about clear user retention strategy.

Customer churn — or in simple words, the loss of customers, — is probably the biggest enemy of every business.

And that’s evident, as the customers always play major part in product’s success.

To prevent the loss of clients, you’d better understand the motivation behind customer churn. Here are some insights on the reasons why this loss could happen.

Bad customer experience

That might be the most obvious reason why customers are not eager to use your application. According to Oracle’s study, almost 9 in 10 customers have abandoned a business because of a previous poor experience.

You have to agree — you’ll appreciate figunique, personal and engaging attitude from the business side. It’s proven that more than 80 percent of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. Today rich emotions are worth a lot of money.

In the time of sophisticated technologies, customer service becomes more than person-to-person — mature asynchronous, virtual communication strategy is a must for every business.

Thinking that your business is about you, not the users

The сustomer is a key to any business. A satisfied customer is a key to success in this business. Therefore, you’d better focus on Customer-Centered Marketing and get to know exactly what your users need right now. For this, you can organize focus groups, run a keyword search and social listening.

You always need to hear out your customers’ requests and their feedback to stay in trend and adapt to the present situation. Communication with clients is a milestone.

Poor onboarding

In order not to lose your clients, you are to satisfy your user’s appetite with an explanation why they definitely need to use your application.

There should be a clear understanding of how to use the app and how it can benefit them in their everyday life. The user should not feel lost while using your product: guide them during their first sessions so that they are not left alone with their smartphones.

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There is a wise phrase that the churn seeds are usually planted early — meaning that you’d probably better rethink onboarding not to lose your clients at the early stages.

Poor quality of the app

In our digital era, advertising and smart marketing campaigns are important. However, the quality of the product itself still plays the key role in user retention.

Just think - no matter how great your ads on the Internet or offline are, even if users like them at first, later poor quality app will most likely scare them off.

Insufficient stickiness

Do your users have enough interest and motivation to stay with your app? Can you hold their attention with your app’s value or some extra perks?

Give it a thorough thought — consider retargeting, special events and offers inside your app — like we do on Aprofita by running special cash-back campaigns to the entire user base or a selected target group. Remember — if users sense your willingness to keep them — they’ll stick around.


The reasons for user churn may vary a lot, so you need to analyze the problem according to your own inputs. Analyze your value proposition, the quality of your app and most importantly user experience throughout the entire app. This will help you cure not the symptoms, but the illness itself.

And remember — churn, like disease — is easier prevented than treated.