Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

About where I thought for completely different reasons. I somehow didn’t pass a guy on the street selling a jersey I wanted, someone else picked up drinks on Friday at a dive bar, groceries were $45, Saturday boyfriend was sick so I spend $6 on one beer before we watched the game at home and spent $10 on snacks. Sunday holds a lesson for all of us: the power of making phone calls. I wanted to go to a play but it was sold out online, I called and left a voicemail 4 hours before the start time to ask if they had any extras from cancellations or anything. They called me an hour before and told me they did (!!), and not only did I get a ticket for my sister ($35), I got season tickets for myself ($144) — they’ve got an awesome line up and 5 plays for $144 is really really good. Learn to leave voicemails, as old fashioned as it is — I seriously practiced this over the last few years.

Total: $240, budgeted:$240 — !

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