About That Whole “Put 20 Percent of My Income Towards Taxes” Thing
Nicole Dieker

I’m getting $4,000 back! *does happy dance* I think it’s mostly because I had a well paid internship, but the rest of the year I’m unemployed. The Federal Gods took pity on this humble grad student.

It’s all going to the down payment on a car. My current hand-me-down vehicle (for which I am completely and utterly grateful) has some quickly deteriorating, um…quirks. Like one of the doors doesn’t open. Like it makes a weird sound in tight turns. Like…apparently the 3 things keeping the engine attached to the car are all torn. It’s so cliche to buy a car for graduation, I know, but I feel completely justified every time I have to pull a three point turn to get my boat on wheels into a parking spot.