If You Want to Discuss the Senate Health Care Bill…
Nicole Dieker

Just to switch stuff up, I’ll start with

Things I agree with:

A) State setting minimum standard of care: I may hate what passes for minimums in Mississippi, but that’s the way our country works

B) People can save more pre-tax in health care savings account.

Things I do not like:

a) Charging people more who have had their coverage lapse. I get that this is their answer for getting healthy people to maintain coverage and stay in the system, but all this is actually doing is preventing a good number of people from EVER returning to insurance once it lapses for any reason — job moves, poverty, paperwork, laziness, whatever. That’s going to be a nightmare

b) Say it with me now: HIGH RISK POOLS DON’T WORK AND NEVER HAVE. They’re always more expensive than expected and there’s no healthy people to distribute the cost over.

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