Hi! The problem with state minimums it that they mean there is basically no care.

Oh yeah, state minimums are going to be terrible. Massachusetts, California, Washington, and a few other places in the northeast and west (maybe Illinois if we can ever get our shit together) will probably have decent ones, but everywhere else is a bit of a crap shoot that depends on an active citizenry. I don’t like it, but the legal precedent of insurance regulation, for better or for worse, is left largely to the state, and each have their own Department of Insurance and unique regulatory environments. I would hope there would be federal guidelines that say, hey you should probably cover child birth, etc, but that’s not going to be forthcoming for at least 3 years and 7 months.

RE: HSAs: true.

There does need to be a penalty for not signing up, and it needs to be steep, but making it harder or more expensive for people to sign up is going to make it absolutely worse.

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