Is Professional Clothing a “Want” or a “Need?”
Nicole Dieker

Reasonably maintained wardrobe falls into a need category. As in, there are whole charities dedicated to making sure women have suits to go to job interviews. Looking the part is important for credibility and furthermore, it can help you feel more empowered— which is really important. My first job I got all my business stuff from NY&co when they had that 50% off everything annual sale (perfect timing!). For more permanent pieces and styling, here’s my suggestion: go to a department store — Nordstrom’s if you can afford it, Macy’s or Penney’s in a pinch, find an older woman who works there and looks put together, give her your budget and explain what you need. Nordstrom is famous for this, and you’d be surprised at how far $1,500 or even $500 goes if you can find some staple pieces. You might get an even bigger discount if you open the credit card from the store. Pro-tip, know what you have in your wardrobe already (i.e. pencil skirt? check. Enough pairs of black pants without holes?). Having that checklist of basic staples is helpful in shaping the shopping list.

I, personally, would love to be someone’s personal shopper because I’m weird.

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