Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

This weekend was insane. Two different friends in town, so I kept going back and forth between the two. PLUS the weather was awful, so I ended up taking like 5 ubers instead of the train.

Friday event ended up being awesome. Once I figured out how to mentally frame my background as relevant to the conversation I relaxed and had some crazy interesting conversations with people with cool startups. Spent $10 on drinks, attained a whole new goal of changing the world through my company, so, you know, priceless.

Saturday, brunch $30, alcoholic gift $30, stayed at a party later than intended in the vain hope the biblical proportions of rain would ease off.

Sunday, spent $60 in real money on handcrafted things, but spend INFINITE invisible $$$ in my head on really cool lamps that will decorate my mind palace forever. $50 on various food with people throughout the day and $23 worth of ubers.

I budgeted $200–400, actual $180, wooooo! Also, good god I need sleep now.

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