What worries me about this is how it seems to leave out the most vulnerable in our society.
Jen W

To shelly_i’s point, I think this is initially or eventually going to be some kind of Costco system, where you have to be part of the club to shop there. This would necessarily eliminate a lot of people unless they were directly associated with a card carrying member (so you walk in, swipe your prime app and say how many people are with you in the store maybe?). Alternatively, if this does eventually become the norm…they may find a way to make this work in the homeless’ benefit? I can see this being a system where they swipe a card or phone (or worst comes to worst a fingerprint) and even if they don’t have access to a lot of other social safety net stuff, there is something like a food stamp account associated in their name. In fact, it may eliminate the potential embarrassment of going to the store and having to go through the whole rigmarole of the stamp process. That’s waaaaaaaayyyy down the line and at least one more generation of improved humanity away.

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