One shot of a dream

There’s a place, which love exists.

Hey, don’t look me like that, I’m saying the truth.

I know, I know, It’s a little hard to believe, but there is this place! And there, people can share love.

Wait, don’t go! I’m sure about what I’m telling you. Please, just let me share with you this unforgettable memory. I’ll start again, all right?

There’s a place, and in this place, love exists. People share this love. How did I see that? I saw this love sharing through the child who helped without any hesitation an old man who slipped on the floor. I saw love through the white girl who treated a black boy as her truly equal, like discrimination had never existed there before. I saw love through the man who saw a woman walking and respected her, and understood the real value of women as a human being, who must be respected in the same way men are. I saw love through a couple made by two women who were drinking a coffee whitout being judged by their sexuality. I saw love through the old man, who was helping all the animals he was seeing on the streets. And look that: there weren’t many stray animals. I saw love, my friend, in every piece of that place and now I can assure you: this world that we’ve constructed? No, it’s not good and I want to change it. Don’t you?