If you would like to have a good combination of portability and speed, then the Dahon Espresso 16″ is your answer. This small bike offers pretty fast speeds, and you will be able to zoom past people with larger geared models. When it comes to the time to stop riding and carry your bike, you will have quite an easy time, as you do not need any mechanical skills to do this. You can also get more information about the collapsible bikes on Best Of Bikers.

In many cases, foldable bikes tend to be single-speed devices. On the other hand, the Dahon Espresso 16″ is a 21-speed bike. This makes riding it very easy whether you are on a plain or on hilly ground. You can comfortably ride the bike for many miles in a wide range of terrains. The gears make it easy to handle even on hills.

When you are not riding, you will easily fold your bike for safekeeping. This does not just save you time but also expenses if you have to travel with it to different locations. Once you have reached your destination, you will likewise have an easy time unfolding your bike.

What you need to watch out against is wear, however, as the bike performs better under dry weather conditions. This is truly a summer bike.

There is a clip that is used for folding the bike easily. The problem is that your cloth can easily get caught up in the clip, in which case the bike is likely to fold up on you. If you are not careful, you may also find that the pedals fold when it is not yet time to do so.

With the Dahon folding bikes, you will be able to ride in a fairly upright position, giving you great comfort. The suspension seat and saddles are very good ergonomically, giving you enough support.

When you consider the benefits you will get from the Dahon Espresso 16″, you will find that you get real value for your money. This is an ideal bike for the summer season.

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