Five Things I Learned From Watching The Comey Testimony
Caitlin Johnstone

Of all the right-wing-nut responses…. Sheesh.

So Trump has put his own ass in a sling with the comments alluding to tapes of conversations - as if that would bolster his position somehow (Nixon anyone?) And the implications of indirectly telling Comey to lay off investigations of Flynn… If he alludes to tapes as if he as them and doesn’t, he is a liar; if he has the tapes and produces them, and I believe Comey that he was directed, then Trump is obstructing an investigation — immediate ejection from the oval office, go straight to jail. Why would the head of the FBI document and announce this to so many high level authorities otherwise? Heck of a risk if it were a lie- bordering on treason and certainly a jail-able offense… not to mention homeland security extended authority for risks and ability to incarcerate. (Comey mentioned he probably talked to head of homeland security). Guys like him don’t generally bluff, and it either IS or ISN’T — very black and white; the /number/ or /counts/ of breaking the law are mostly Irrelevant past “1" that slams the door.

Either case it is textbook obstruction of justice, fully impeachable — guess the Republicans followed Nixon playbook too closely.

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