Propagandists Have Been Using Dishonest Manipulations To Kill The Seth Rich Story
Caitlin Johnstone

Pfft! To faux news, and yes they are just as reputable as all the others, so when you take zero reputation and credibility and compare it to zero for the others… we end up with nothing, leaving the rest of us clamoring for some reality and truth somewhere left only with speculation.

It is or it isn’t. 50% either way.

Unfortunate he is gone. Hopefully it was an actual dump of emails he gave to ram down those asshats throats and wake up the people. But oh look the Carfashists are on, and Trump wants to dissolve the legal system out west because they prioritize humanity over terrorists created by the ci- no way, what were we taking about?

Without unbiased oversite, fact and dedicated honest, free-from-being bought journalists on the ground, he may have been killed for something he did or he may have died in a botched robbery.

Damn I miss Koppel and Cronkite, but even them, who knows? Without a requirement of truth in journalism, the media, or the internet, without actually being there the Republicans have made it impossible to determine actual truth by flooding disinformation into the machine. (Damn you Regan for your gerryatric half witted ideas, including removing the fair and balanced requirement in newscasting in the early 80s, and O.J. for that stupid chase) That is the only way they could combat the open internet, CIA tactics. Not for lack of trying to kill net neutrality and kill attempts at a universal high speed Internet infrastructure I assure you.

Point being if we don’t know we can individually suppose what may have happened, but if we all jump on bandwagons that aren’t based in truth (as we Americans do) it is just hysteria.

The flip side if we don’t try to say or do something nothing will get done.

It isn’t about a slow decaying devolution, what is required is a revolution. We can start it as soon as my sci-fi shows are over and Ramsey judges master chef jr. for the winner.