I've selected a few important quotes from Caitlin's article in hopes that fewer words will improve…
Watcho Walker

She wasn’t elected because she relied on the republic process entrenched by Republicans over the past 50+ years, where she used her power to claim the nomination without owning the popular vote.

My experience from when I grew up in USA/MS, Republicans vote on party lines regardless of the person they are electing; Hillary /thought/ all Democrats were that same mentality, but so many democrats vote for the person, not the party… the majority of Democrats wanted Sanders, she prevented that, that is why she lost.

Sanders showed in repeated polls that his numbers would win the election, but when Hillary bought the electoral votes with power and favors she cut him out of the process to have her day in the spotlight. How could she, as a woman, possibly loose on the coat tails of the Obama coo?

Make no mistakes, Obama is young, optimistic, brilliant, an intellectual, a statesperson, and if those weren’t enough he was also portrayed for his black lineage, which brought an enormous movement and segment of the 12% of the population that is black to vote.

Hillary blinded by the need to be the first woman president undermined the Democratic process to fail our system and push deep into the old Republic mentality, which is not where *I* as an independent-forced-to-register-democrat-to-vote-in-the-fixed-primary-but-was-prevented-from-doing-so saw as a sickening twist and possibly fatal blow to our Democracy and democratic process. Fortunately my state voted for Sanders in the primary anyway… she still took over.

For hard core Democrats, I suspect they felt the same affront to their beliefs, and that portion that voted based on race for the Dems was out based on Hillary. Many women are married to Republicans who follow that ‘natural order’ mentality, so that took out about 1/3 of the female for a female vote.

Meanwhile the racist white crowed stepped up for Trump, who happened to be republican, and other Republicans by and large with a few exceptions followed staunch tradition and the religious right agenda to implement ‘Sharia law’, same as ‘Christian laws’, which is Religious fanaticism under the guise of righteousness and patriotism when it is NEITHER.

Religion controls people in direct managed opposition to free will and natural instinct. And religion via the evangelicals and racist white base and a shitload of dirty money from big businessis how Trump was elected. Do you want to be owned by corporations and merely thought of as grease in the wheels of progress? That is what Trump and the Republicans represent, though it is exact opposite of what tthey tell and portray.

None of these silo creating, seggregating, isolating, ignorance based, education hating hate factories should have any place in our, or any government.

All of this must change for the best interest of ALL people, not any select groups. Everyone must contribute, and all are contributing in some way, whatever that may be, are equal.