How Custom Suits Are Made 


Get info on how made to measure suits Hongkong are made and the level of professionalism and style in these.


Custom-made suits Hongkong have truly become one of the most familiar indicators of professionalism and style. These suits are made to fit the individual body of the wearer, and the fitting is simply not possible with that rowdy made suits that one take off the rack. It requires a knowledgeable staff and skilled tailor to create tailor made suits Hongkong. There are several distinct steps followed over a short period by the bespoke tailors Hongkong. Due to the rising demand for made to measure suits Hongkong, one will come across large number of bespoke tailors in the industry. However, look for one that carries a high reputation and experience.

The fabric The fabric and the style are what make the custom made shirts and suits special. Hence, the Selection of fabric is the first step. Custom-made suits offer the customers the complete freedom to choose the fabric and style. One can define everything from the width of the lapels to the size of the collars, the kind of buttons or cufflinks to go with a suit and a shirt. These aspects make the garment truly unique and very personal. Expert custom tailors Hongkong know what their customers are looking for and will give them an end product that will meet the exact expectations of the person.

The Measurements

Another important aspect of custom-made suits is the initial measurements that are used to create patterns. Hongkong bespoke tailors will take dozens of different measurements of arms, neck and legs along with the length of the torso. The measurements will cover many aspects such as how the body moves, how high the arms go when elevated, etc. The purpose is to create a pattern that will fit the customer precisely and feel comfortable in any positon. The measurements are helpful when making custom suits or custom made shirts Hongkong. The Fitting The initial measurements give the base of the patterns, and the fabric is cut accordingly. These pieces are temporarily bound so as to give an idea of what the final bespoke suits in Hongkong will look like. The temporary stitching is calledbasting, and the bespoke tailors Hongkong make use of the basted fitting to make the final shirt or suit. Any minor adjustments are made at this stage before the completed pattern is sent for the final tailoring.

The Final Touch

Once the basted fitting is ready with the right measurements, patterns and changes, the suit or tailor made shirts Hongkong are put together very carefully. The subtle detail share carefully lookedinto, and each element of the garment are sewn together to create the final product.

The final product or tailor made suits Hongkong is then delivered to the client and is ready to wear.

About Author Edward Anderson has written many articles on custom made suits Hongkong and on this page she discusses the steps followed by Hongkong bespoke tailors.

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